Do You Live In One Of The Top Ten States For Porch Pirate Thefts?

‘Tis the season for porch pirates. When online shopping deliveries increase for the holidays, so do the number of porch pirate thefts.

Porch pirates are dastardly thieves who steal delivered packages from other people’s porches.

210 Million Packages Disappeared From Porches In The Last 12 Months

Around 210 million packages disappeared from porches across America over the last 12 months according…

Slow down Covid or other stress related hair shedding with ancient Chinese herbal treatments

For many centuries before Covid struck, the Chinese have treated disease or stress-triggered hair shedding with various treatments ranging from acupuncture to Chinese herbs.

Of all the drugs in use today, approximately 25% were initially derived from herbs.

Chinese Herbs Are Utilized As Groups Of Formulations

Chinese herbs are rarely used singularly. They are often used in formulations…

It lurks in the corners of my soul, appearing without warning.

The first time I was rocked to my core by a tsunami of grief was when my father died unexpectedly from a rogue blood clot.

Although my dad had recently been diagnosed with cancer, I was in complete denial regarding his mortality.

His sudden passing blew a giant gaping hole…

Do humans have the same superpower?

Scientists have discovered that mice, rats, and pigs can successfully use their intestines for breathing. How did they figure this unusual ability out? By intentionally pumping oxygen up the unsuspecting mammals’ butts.

Renowned Russian researcher Dr. Vadim Mazurok and his team have studied, then patented methods of intestinal ventilation in…

Karen Marie Shelton

Published author, 10+ yr. editor MMI Pubs, CEO/Founder -, 1st Web hair sites. Published author 10,000+ articles. Prof Astrologer.

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